Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The murder of Dr Tiller

There is a very good post about this on The Wild Hunt to which I have nothing of real value to add so recommend people to read it.

The murderer, however, is not a lone nutter but has been encouraged in his action by bigoted hate mongers in the media. Keith Olbermann, as he often does, points an accurate finger.


Gaina said...

These people obviously either won't - or can't - read the moving tributes to Dr Tiller from the women he assisted and comforted in a horrendous time of their lives.

It's strange, the last time a doctor was killed in these circumstances I was very pro-life myself, but I would never ever have condoned the murder of that doctor, it was a contridiction to the phrase 'pro life' to me.

Well, in the last 10 years I have grown up, educated myself on the subject (and got wise to the vile lies these 'christian' people tell) and my opinion of abortion has changed completely but one opinion has not changed and that is if you're 'pro life' that should mean respecting ALL life.

Idris said...

What strikes me as particularly pernicious about the "pro-life" position is that it is so often articulated with pro-capital punishment and pro-war. And it is always anti-women.

muzuzuzus said...

People should know what it was like before women could have abortions with support of medical help. Many usually had to go underground, and women would die.
I know someone very close this nearly happened to in those times.
So, I agree with not wanting Mac-abortions, but also don't want back-street abortions neither.

The woman must have the informed choice.

I don't see these fascists, like the one who killed the doctor, being so passionate about unwanted children being abused in the world, and having to live on the streets in filth!

Idris said...

You are right, Muzuzuzus, for many of these bigots the right to life stops at birth.