Thursday, 25 December 2008

Further on financial prudence

After publishing my last post, I realised that I had omitted to say something. And that was that, when attempting to negotiate with the banks, I felt that I was occupying the moral low ground. It is true that my general behaviour can be summed up as feckless and this I felt strongly. However, what has happened lately has revealed that my fecklessness was infinitesimal when compared with the actions of those who claimed the moral high ground. Their pursuit of vast bonuses depended on how successful they were in persuading people to borrow - even if they were unable to pay back.

And just who has been bailed out? Not those who had to buy their homes at hugely inflated prices and are now being made homeless. Not those made redundant as the bubble bursts. Not the communities whose main industry closes down, leaving behind ghost towns in which the only source of comfort is crack cocaine and heroin. No. None of these.

It is the bankers who have won and continue to sun themselves in their own rectitude.

There is something deeply and fundamentally wrong here.

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