Monday, 5 January 2009

To swear or not to swear- that is the question

A while back, Livia wrote a post in which she listed her pet peeves. I considered doing so but was unsure of what to write, since I have so many. However, I came across something just now that really annoyed me whenever it happens. The author had written "d*ck-head". It could just as easily been f***ing or c**t, and my point would be the same. These words exist - the latter two are certainly in the Oxford English Dictionary - although cunt had to wait until 1928 (If I remember aright). They are not, however, essential parts of the language - there are many euphemisms, medical terms, insults, intensifiers etc available to the writer. Their use, therefore, is intentional. It seems strange to me, that having chosen to use the words, writers then attempt to mitigate potential offence by not writing them.

My plea to writers is, "Please. If you want to say "fuck", write "fuck". If you don't want to say it, then don't. There is no half-way point when you are neither swearing nor not swearing." It is a bit like a child hiding from others by hiding her eyes. I would be no less offended if I were called a f***ing d*ckhead than I would be if the words were written in full.

I would, however, have a deal less respect for the accuser.


muzuzuzus said...

I fucking agree! ;)

mahud said...

Although I'm not a gratuitous user of naughty words, sometimes you just need to swear to get the message dramatically across.