Monday, 16 February 2009

Abrahamic religion in a nutshell

I do not know if this is original with him but I have never heard it before. From Last week's BBC Radio4 programme "The News Quiz" comes this gem from the great Jeremy Hardy.
"... Christianity and Islam - just Judaism with the jokes taken out".

I cannot fault this definition.

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Paul said...

Well I like this one:

The pope dies and is met at the gates of heaven by St. Peter. Peter says, as you have given your life to the church you can have any single request granted. The pope is pleased and replies, "I would love to ask Mary a question." OK, says Peter, "No problem." So Peter drops the pope off at Mary's house and Mary invites him inside. The pope says, "I have seen so many icons and paintings and statues of you and you always look so sad. Is this because you are always thinking of your Son's crucifixion?" "Oh no, not at all", replies Mary, "I was sad because I really longed for a girl."