Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm back...

... and it is good to be so. It has been a strange month and in some ways rather rewarding. For one thing, I have not felt the self-imposed imperative to publish something and then to wait - often fruitlessly - for reaction. I have read some books. I have spent time thinking rather than reacting. My partner has seen more of my eyes and less of the back of my head. All this has been good. But I am glad to be back.

There is a lot that I have wanted to write about and this will appear, - all being well - over the next few days.


Andy said...

Welcome back, Brian, from someone else who has been away for a little while!

Looking forward to your future posts.

Love, Andy

Paul said...

Welcome back but don't neglect the partner :)

Brian Charles said...

Thanks Andy and Paul

It is good to be back - and Andy, I am glad you can see better now.