Wednesday, 19 March 2014

After a very long hiatus, I am re-activating this blog.  I do not expect to have retained many, if any, readers so these words will probably fall on the stoney ground.  Nevertheless, I will write them.

For a long time now my online presence has mainly centred on Facebook.  I have found it, and still found it, an invaluable space to meet people and interact with them.  I enjoy the immediate feedback and the insights it gives me.  However, it is not really a space for writing in a long form or for writing that I would like to keep.  It is too ephemeral and the necessity to scroll through masses of information in order to find a nugget, be it of gold or dross, is too daunting. 

I have three pages.  One is the personal page.  There is also a page on which I will post about my thoughts and practice with the Motherpeace tarot dack.  I have named this "A Light in the Labyrinth" The third is linked more directly to this blog and is called "Inanna Emergent". 

From now on, I will be posting here regularly and having links, when appropriate from these FB pages.  I hope that those who may venture here from FB will browse the archive and comment. 

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