Thursday, 20 March 2014

Having returned to this blog, I have begun to reread earlier posts and cringed at some of  what I wrote then.  Tempted briefly to delete or edit them, I have decided to let them stay.  Whether I agree with what I said then or whether I feel I could have worded things better is, in the end, irrelevant.  They were said and I do not wish them unsaid.  For that would be lying.  I felt them to be true at the time of writing and my later opinion is irrelevant to that.  To delete them would, I feel, be akin to the doctoring of photographs that occurred in the Soviet Union or to the more recent wholesale deletion of previous statements and promises on the UK Conservative Party website.  If anyone is moved to trawl through the archives they will inevitably discover weakesses in argument inconsistencies and contradictions.  When and if you do, I would be grateful to have them brought to my attention.  I am aware that I am more than capable of triviality, superficiality, bullshit and cant and I would appreciate the opportunity either to defend my position or, as is very likely would need to be the case, be given the opportunity to acknowledge it and move on.  Conversely, if you find anything of value I would like to be told of that as well.  My ego loves flattery!

That being said, one thing remains constant.  I felt then and still feel impelled to tell the story of Inanna.  I have lived with it for well over a decade now and have, in too many ways to count, found echoes it in my own life.  Descent and ascent, descent and ascent etc have been constant.  No sooner do I think that I have it sorted than something happens that throws me into another repetition of the cycle.  At least I know what is happening now.  That much have I learnt.  Inanna's stories are not for the time and place of ancient Sumer - they are stories of a deep truth to human existence. That my experience and interpretation of that truth changes over time is a clear indication of only one thing; that I am alive - for only the dead cease to grow.

So I return here.  And have determined to continue to write my current understanding.  I hope to find readers but will not be dettered by their lack.  It is a forum for me to explore and express my feelings and beliefs.  And I will use it as such.

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