Monday, 24 November 2008

Priest of Inanna

I am not too sure how to write this. I have been going over all sorts of different structures all day but none of them seemed satisfactory. So I will just write and see if I can avoid any serious use of the delete button. Because something happened in the temple on saturday night and now things are somehow changed. I cannot go back to the time before, even if I should want to. As I wrote last week, I was planning to initiate as Priest of Inanna and this has now happened. Nervous as hell, I arrived at the Temple and was then taken through a very profound ceremony which culminated in me making a vow of dedication to Inanna.

I will not go into the details of the ceremony here but it was always challenging and at times highly physically demanding. I cannot express fully the gratitude I feel to all the priest/esses who devised this journey for me and held me in their love as I went through it. It was wonderful. Now I have to see just what this fancy title I have claimed means because I have really very little idea. All I know is that I felt called to claim it and called to Her service.

I have written much about Inanna, both on this blog and elsewhere, and will not repeat it here now- although it is certain that I will many times in the future. I am very tired and also in a bit of pain, one part of the ceremony was such that I seem to have injured a rib - which for someone who can be overcome with sneezing fits is distinctly uncomfortable! Oh, well. So it goes.

So apart from the pain and tiredness, how do I feel? Really good! It makes perfect sense in some strange way that I have done this. There is a rightness about it that I cannot put into words. Over the last few months, I have had a growing awareness of her presence in all aspects of my life. Even as I, at times, felt close to despair or barely containing a rising panic at the perceived precarious realities of my life here, there has been an underlying knowledge that whatever happens is ok. Not in some sort of wishy-washy new agey panglossian optimism but with the very real conviction that I have work to do and that I will be given whatever I need to perform it.

I have not taken this step lightly - and I do not regret it


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian, and thanks for sharing your story here! :)

Paul said...

Congratuations, now the story begins.

Brian Charles said...

Thanks Debs and Paul

and thanks for all your support since I started this blog.

PS Debs, did I ever tell you my eyebrows meet in the middle?

Andy said...

Bless you Brian! As Paul says, a new chapter starts here and you are about to begin new and exciting adventures!

Hope the rib feels better!

Sortiarium said...

Its blog is interesting and beautiful!

Brian Charles said...

Thanks Andy

Rib still hurts - but that will pass. I feel really good.

What is next on the path? I wonder.

Brian Charles said...

Hi Sortiarum

Welcome to the blog, I am glad you like it. I looked at yours and wish that I was better at languages!

Livia Indica said...

Congrats! I'm lovin' your blog.

Anonymous said...

"PS Debs, did I ever tell you my eyebrows meet in the middle?"

Hahaaaaa! No you didn't - are you sure you're not a werewolf? ;)

Brian Charles said...

No, Debs, I have often wondered :-;

Brian Charles said...

Thanks Livia,

Have not had time for a proper look at your blog yet - but am certainly looking forward to doing so.

Sortiarium said...

Welcome Brian, we have a translator online in ours blog!