Thursday, 25 September 2008

..... I am now back on track

Which is good. We had a wonderful ceremony in the Temple yesterday in which I was free to participate without responsibility - just go along for the ride, as it were. I had no ceremonial function and no knowledge of what was to come. I think this is the frist time this has been this way since I arrived here.

The ceremony was planned and held by people just completing their first year of Priest/ess training. As a teacher, I felt deep admiration with a seasoning of pride and satisfaction. And wonder at the power of the Goddess to manifest Herself in people's lives. The ceremony was simple and effective - with the bare minimum of verbal explanation we were led on a journey towards deepening and strengthening our contact with our bodies and with the earth.

Which was exactly what I needed.

I am feeling back in touch with myself again and ready to move forward.


Debs said...

"I am feeling back in touch with myself again and ready to move forward."

That is always a good feeling, and I'm really glad for you. :)

Brian Charles said...

Thanks debs

Andy said...

Sounds like a lovely and wonderful ceremony, Brian - and it's effect upon you is testimony to it's success, brilliant!

Andy said...

You've gone quiet, Brian! Hope you're okay!

Brian Charles said...

thanks for your comments Andy - I am fine thanks - many things have been happening, however, and I have not been able to blog