Thursday, 4 September 2008

Last chance saloon?

This morning I had a long skype conversation with a friend who was deeply concerned about a friend of hers, Jason Johnson, aka Scarecrow, from Chicago Reclaiming who had been brutally treated by police at the Republican National Convention.

In all my years of demonstrations etc I have never seen such a blatant abuse of police power - they seem not to care that they are being filmed and that they have absolutely no legal justification for their use of tasers- as if they are asserting their right to do with the population at large as they please. Perhaps my friend was most upset because she still believes that the US is a democracy and has a constitution which enshrines human rights. If it is, then the few weeks leading up to 4 november represent the last chance to save it.

I make no apologies for posting this on a Goddess blog. Neither do I apologise for posting this video about the vice-presidential candidate these police are ostensibly protecting

These people have declared war on all that I hold dear. I am not, thank Goddess, a US citizen but, as the neo-cons have decided that the US should become a world Empire rather than a democratic republic, no human being can ignore what is at stake here. Nor can we ignore the blatant disregard and contempt for biodiversity and the environment that is evident in this video. These hypocritical "pro-lifers" show their true colours here as disciples of death and Goddess forbid that the American electorate should give them power. This may be the last chance for democracy and life. Please, America, defend your constitution from those who seek to destroy it,


Paul said...

I have been following this utter police state activity on the web. Thank the Goddess for that as all this brutality is being totally ignored on radio and television in the UK where from my own experience of demonstrating we are also rapidly going down the same route I fear.

Brian Charles said...

It has been a while since I was in the UK, but I remember a sense of being surrounded constantly by a low-level but rising level of fear. This was, I believe, deliberately stoked in order to condition people to accept the erosion of liberty.

I remember the feeling of elation I had when the Tories were defeated in 97 - never dreaming that Labour would out-Thatcher Thatcher in so many ways. I have a horrible fear that Obama in office will turn out to be another Blair. But even that would be better than a continuation of the institutionalised - and normalised - corruption of the Bush years.

MaryLisa said...

>Perhaps my friend was most upset because she >still believes that the US is a democracy and has a >constitution which enshrines human rights.

No. The friend was most upset because someone she cares about was harmed in such an unjust way. Which in the way of the world, may not seem that big in comparison. Though I tend think a bit more simply than most and tend to take things at face value....If allowed. I don't have grand illusions that my country's constitutional rights are strongly in place or have not suffered greatly or at times have been eliminated completely by home-land security and the Patriot act.

The friend-me was also ashamed by my own lack of information. But that is to be used to shift my own awareness and not to be judged by others. I was most upset about my own sense of feeling powerless and knowing this feeling is shared by many. It can be so overwhelming for many people....that it can be difficult to overcome.

I'm glad the information was posted. Thank you-the video had disappeared before I could see it. I have said this before and its worth repeating....I believe no matter if one is far left, far right or somewhere in the middle....there is a danger when we stop looking for the individuals behind the politics or the group mentality that we don't understand or agree with.

Making stances that one is glad they are born else where (no matter if true) or making a plea for others to stand up and take rise from another country...hits a bit of casting blame and washing ones hands of even trying to understand how we go to this point to begin with as a global community.

Its not that I think we are blameless-It is not that I think I am blameless-but judging and casting blame vs looking how we can indiviudally change things from where we are...will not help create the energetic and physical shift currently needed in these times.

If elected, Obama may end up being a disappointment. But if elected it means that Americans took a stand for change and at least created space for the possibility that it can be different. It means the voices were heard of those that may not have money-but recognize when something is wrong. Even if it is only a momentary success....perhaps it will be a start. An opening-as a sign-that the needed change can take place.

As I tend to do, I may be over simplifying or overly idealistic.

Thanks for reading-Blessings-MaryLisa

Brian Charles said...

i am sorry that I misunderstood you - it was wrong to attribute feelings and motivations that were inaccurate.
I do not withdraw my remark about being glad I am not a US citizen and I will expand on why. The US was founded on the high enlightenment ideals of freedom and justice for all. I believe in those ideals ever since I was set to memorise the Declaration of Independence at school. It was founded as a reaction to the tyranny and arbitrary power of a Imperial nation. Now for much of the world it is the US which is the Imperial tyranny. The American revolution has been betrayed and the constitution is being sold piecemeal to corporations.

My anger then is because I feel betrayed. Irrational, I know. How much worse would I feel if I were a citizen? That is the background to my remark.

As to citizens of other nations asking for Americans to take back their country I make no apology for doing so. The US has assumed the right to arrest, transport, detain and torture - without recourse to any due legal process -the citizens of any other nation, including my own. It has assumed the right to read my emails or bug my phone if it so chooses. I therefore claim the right to ask US citizens to stop this from happening.

MaryLisa said...

I would not want you to take back anything. I am also not making excuses for myself or anyone else. I am not defending that which there is no defense. I repeat there is a danger when we start to be seen or see others as a faceless mass no matter what ones beliefs or what one stands for.

For me, in this election journey that does inspire anger, hate, fear, frustration and perhaps feelings of being powerless....I believe it is important to keep a close eye on on how we respond to these emotions. (or not) If for not other reason to ensure that we...I... don't become part of the problem or like the individuals I am are railing against.