Monday, 8 September 2008

A message from Palin's sponsor?

I am sorry. I genuinely wanted to leave the US election behind but I keep coming across things that get me increasingly alarmed. I found this on AlterNet today and it is chilling. Someone mentioned the old saying that when fascism comes to America it will be carrying a bible and wearing a flag and then he pointed out that perhaps McCain is providing the flag and Palin the bible. These christians sing to their god "This world has nothing for me". If Sarah Palin truly believes that this world has no value, can she be trusted to be a heartbeat away from the nuclear trigger? The excerpts from pastor Kalnins' sermons towards the end of the video make clear what the rest of the world could expect from a "saved" America. Not to mention what a theocratic US would do to those of its own citizens who are pagan.

PS - have just noticed that the footage I posted a few days ago about wolf hunting has been pulled from youtube
no idea why - so i posted another, longer and better

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