Friday, 13 March 2009

Recognition at last?

Well, it has at last happened and a nutter has dropped from the trees - or, as is more likely, emerged from under a stone - and left a torrent of abuse as a comment to my last post. Grateful as I am for the positive feedback and intelligent comments I have had, this anonymous - of course - "person" has really made my day!


Livia Indica said...

Congrats Brian. You've officially arrived! LOL

Geraldine Charles said...

Congratulations! You've finally attracted the attentions of the "Fathers for Families" or some other woman-hating right-wing patriarchal set-up. Sad that their representative cannot spell. Where does nameless get his statistics from? The Daily Mail, maybe? Also doesn't understand the meaning of "psychotic" but that may be understandable for someone apparently so poorly educated.


Brian Charles said...

I have been waiting for this to happen ever since I started the blog. Somehow, I feel vindicated and it has given me fresh heart.