Friday, 13 March 2009

WHIPPED ? - I think not

I am not going to deal in any detail with the attack on me a couple of posts ago. Anyone who is interested can see it in the comments to that post . However, in the strange and inverted pseudo-logic the anonymous wingnut uses he alludes to an expression that is common in misogynist discourse- "pussy-whipped". To me this typifies the nonsensical nature of the world these people inhabit. How can any woman's genitals actually whip anyone? Tell me please.

I am not saying that genitals cannot be used to hit people. The sjambok, a whip used by the apartheid police in South Africa has been alleged to have been made at times from rhinocerous penis. Whether this is true or not the bull pizzle whip has been used in Europe at least from early modern times - being referenced in Henry IV. Many men, and women, have been whipped by penises, but, as far as I know, no pussy has ever whipped anybody. Perhaps I am wrong. If I am, please provide me with references

So misogynist men accuse men who do not share their particular pathology of having undergone a physically impossible assault - ignoring the physical realities of male and female. This puts into a clear perspective their allegations of the victim status they claim which is in similar blatant denial of any objective reality outside their perverse imaginations.


Dylan said...

Extremely long, plaited pubic hair? Cat-(pussy)-of-nine-tails? Corruption of pussy wiped? There must be an explanation.

Livia Indica said...

Hmm, well, I guess if a woman had really large jewelry on her genital piercings she could maybe hit someone with them. Not sure about the logistics. I dunno, just thinking out load.

Anyway, in my opinion, "refusing to be pussy whipped" is the lonely, childish man's excuse for not being able to begin/maintain an adult relationship with a woman.

Livia Indica said...

Thinking out LOUD. Oops.

Brian Charles said...

Plaited pubic hair? Genital piercings? Perhaps -- but wouldn't she have to be one hell of an acrobat?